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S1 Episode 9

Episode 9: The World of Vitamin D and Other Supplements

Many experts believe that vitamin D is a key regulator of the incidence and severity of MS, and this is one of the reasons why ensuring sufficient intake of this critical natural resource is one of the pillars of the Overcoming MS (OMS) 7-Step Recovery Program. So, it’s timely that this episode of Living Well with MS picks the topic apart with a guest well-versed in his own right on the topic, Dr. Conor Kerley. 

Conor was diagnosed with MS at the age of 15 and fully expected to be forced to curtail his active lifestyle. He was surprised at the lack of focus on diet and lifestyle in his medical consultations, so he undertook his own research, eventually finding OMS and making the necessary adjustments to his diet and lifestyle that have kept him active, symptom-free and relapse-free to this day. Inspired by his experiences, he went on to study human nutrition and dietetics, and received his PhD from University College Dublin in 2016. 


Questions about vitamin D include:

  • Why is Vitamin D important in general?

  • Why is Vitamin D especially important if you have MS?

  • Could MS cause low vitamin D rather than the other way around?

  • How do you measure your own Vitamin D level? What’s a healthy level of Vitamin D to have?

  • What type of vitamin D should I take?

  • How about getting Vitamin D naturally, from the sun? How do I do that?

  • How do you balance the benefits of getting Vitamin D from the sun with the risks of too much UV exposure?

  • My doctor said to take 1000 IU per week because my level is at 100 nmol. Should I follow that advice?

  • Is vitamin D safe to take? Can you overdo it?

  • Anything else we should know about Vitamin D? Any interesting facts, side benefits or risks?


Questions about other supplements include:

  • Are there any other supplements someone with MS should consider taking?

  • Rather than taking Vitamin D, flaxseed oil and Vitamin B12 separately, should I just take a multivitamin tablet?

  • What are the pros and cons of other supplements? Let’s go through a short list and tell me what you think:

– CBD oil

– High dose biotin

– Vitamin K2

– Magnesium

-And last but not least, everyone’s favorite and perhaps controversial topic: cannabis. What are your thoughts on its benefits and drawbacks for people with MS?

Subscribe to this podcast and never miss an episode. Our next episode is quite the hot ticket, because Geoff will be discussing research priorities in MS with one of the foremost experts in the field, Professor Gavin Giovannoni, Chair of Neurology, Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London and the Department of Neurology, Barts and The London NHS Trust. The topic and guest promise one of the most insightful episodes yet!