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S3 Episode 37

Episode 37: The joys of volunteering

Hana is an event project manager, traveler, health freak, and most importantly, an OMS volunteer coordinator. She started following the OMS program after being told she might have MS. After reading everything about the brain, neurons, nutrition and the health benefits of a plant-based diet and finding the OMS website, she decided to give it a try. 

Her efforts slowed down the progression of her condition and now, after five years, many OMS-friendly recipes, countless liters of flaxseed oil and hours of yoga and journaling, her neurologist informed her that whatever she’s been doing she should keep it up, and her file was placed in the ‘let’s observe’ folder indefinitely. Hana believes following the OMS protocols was one of the best decisions she has ever made. 



  • Welcome to Living Well with MS, Hana! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and anything our audience should know to get a sense of who you are? 

  • How did you discover the OMS program… describe the path that led you there?  

  • What’s your experience been like on the OMS program… tell us about the ups and the downs? 

  • OMS is marking this month to recognize the amazing contributions our volunteers make to the organization. You’re a volunteer coordinator for OMS. What exactly is that role about? 

  • What kind of impact do you think the volunteers you work with make in helping OMS further its mission to make more people aware of the positive impact of healthy lifestyle changes for people with MS? 

  • Do you have a history of volunteering for other causes or organizations? What inspires you personally to be a volunteer? 

  • Why did you decide to dedicate so much of your volunteer energy to OMS? 

  • If you had to provide some advice to people considering volunteering for OMS, what would it be? 

  • Can you share any inspirational moments or experiences you’ve had as an OMS volunteer? 

  • Thanks for much for sharing these perspectives on volunteering, Hana, and for the service you provide to the OMS community. Before we part, I wanted to ask you one last thing: if there is one tip or piece of advice you can give to new members of the OMS community, perhaps something that’s served you well in your own journey, what would it be? 

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