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S3 Episode 41

S3E41: A Window into MS Research at Johns Hopkins with Dr Michael Kornberg

Dive into what’s happening at the forefront of MS research with the guidance of Dr Michael Kornberg, Associate Director of the Neurology Residency Program and Assistant Professor of Neurology at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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  • Why did you decide to choose neurology and specifically neuroimmunology as an area of medical practice? 

  • Why the focus on MS? Were there any personal experiences that shaped this path? 

  • You have your own lab at Johns Hopkins; can you tell us a little bit about the research you conduct?  

  • Are there any specific epiphanies you’ve had as an MS researcher that made you step back and say ‘wow’? Anything that’s surprised you? 

  • What in your view is the connection between diet and inflammation in people with MS and other autoimmune conditions? 

  • Are there specific dietary recommendations you offer to your patients connected to your research? 

  • What is the clinical evidence to support your perspectives on the connection between diet and MS? 

  • Switching gears for a moment, how disease pathology differs between relapsing-remitting and progressive disease? 

  • How does this difference explain the failure of current therapies in progressive MS? 

  • What do you see as the most promising areas in MS research today? 

  • There has been some discussion about the symptoms of extended duration, or long, Covid-19 are similar to those of MS, namely fatigue, brain fog, headaches, etc. This makes me wonder if the treatments for Covid could be repurposed for MS, and vice-versa. Any thoughts on this? 

  • 5 years from now, what’s your forecast for the state of MS research and advances? 

  • What are the greatest obstacles to our making progress in understanding MS, and how can we overcome them? 


Dr Kornberg completed his undergraduate studies at Yale University. He then received M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and stayed at Johns Hopkins for neurology residency and a clinical and research fellowship in neuroimmunology. He is committed to a career that combines the competent and compassionate care of patients with multiple sclerosis and other immunologic disorders of the nervous system with basic and translational research aimed at developing improved therapies.  

Dr Kornberg is also a Program Director of eMultipleSclerosis Review, which is a continuing medical education program accredited by Johns Hopkins. It includes a podcast featuring discussions about clinical topics and patient scenarios with doctors and nurses treating people with MS, in order to educate health care providers on best care for people living with MS.  


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