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S4 Episode 51

S4E51: MS Hope – A Conversation with Mathew Embry


Mathew Embry is an internationally recognized documentary filmmaker and advocate for people and families dealing with multiple sclerosis. After being diagnosed with MS in 1995, Mathew is currently symptom-free of MS and freely shares the science-based strategies he uses to control his MS on MS Hope.

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  • What are the core principles of the MS Hope approach? 

  • How does that align with Overcoming MS? 

  • What does a typical Matthew Embry day look like? 

  • How often should you exercise? 

  • I’ve heard you say, “No cheat days”. Does this apply to exercise? 

  • How do you measure progress? 

  • What type of exercise is best for people with MS? 

  • What about people with mobility problems? 

  • What about people with heat issues? 

  • More weight or more reps? 

  • One last question. For someone newly diagnosed with MS what would be your key piece of advice? 


  • Learn more about Mathew’s nonprofit organization, MS Hope 

  • Check out MS Hope on Facebook 

  • Follow Mathew on Twitter  

  • Watch MS Hope videos on YouTube 

  • Watch Mathew’s documentary, Living Proof 

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