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November 27, 2018

Leef on screen

Leef! (Dutch for Live!) was the theme of the National MS day organised by the Dutch MS Society on National MS Day, 18th November. It was a particularly special day because Overcoming MS was one of the main topics of the symposium!

The MS Society announced that they choose the theme because scientific research shows that PwMS can influence symptoms and progression by making certain lifestyle choices.

1,100 people attended a full day program with workshops mainly focused on diet, exercise, stress-reduction and medication.

In the afternoon at the symposium there was a presentation by Dr Claudia Marck from the University of Melbourne about Overcoming MS and ongoing research on lifestyle and MS. Professor George Jelinek spoke to the audience via a video link and answered some questions about the OMS Recovery Program which was really great!

Dr Claudia Marck from University of Melbourne 

Claudia presenting

Dr George Jelinek 

An information market was running throughout the day and of course the Dutch ambassadors of OMS, Babet Kuckelkorn and Annemieke Blokhuis were there with an OMS stand.

During the day people visited the stand, but after the symposium it became so crowded that we weren’t able to speak to all the people individually. Luckily we had enough OMS brochures to hand out!

We are grateful for the Dutch MS Society for spreading awareness about Overcoming MS and making it possible for us to spread the OMS message!

For us as Ambassadors of OMS, it was a really positive day,

Annemieke and Babet

6 thoughts on ‘Live with MS

  1. Good morning,
    I’m Marta from Argentina. I’ve got MS about twenfty years ago. I want to tell you that I’m very happy and this reason is not enough. I’m enjoy all my days always. Do you know why?…. because I smile alway and I love the life. I am 60 years old.
    Sorry, my english is not good yet

  2. I would love something like that in Germany! So great to hear that the Dutch MS Society is spreading awareness about Overcoming MS.

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