I Am Depressed: Is It Related to MS?

Feeling blue? You’re not alone. For people with MS, depression is the single most important factor in quality of life – not disability or fatigue or work. Around half of all people with MS are depressed at some time during the illness.

In fact, depression is more common for people with MS than for people with other chronic illnesses. You’ve probably noticed that how you feel physically affects how you feel emotionally, but the reverse is also true. So preventing and managing depression is very important in managing MS.

Diet, exercise, meditation, counseling and keeping a diary are all helpful, and vitamin D can help prevent or reduce depression, while improving cognitive function. That’s why people with MS should get out and get some sun each day, or take vitamin D supplements if sun isn’t an option.

For more on the MS-depression connection, and to see the sources for this page, check out the MS Encyclopedia or view Dr. Keryn Taylor’s talks about OMS research on depression here.