Would you like to host the new OMS podcast?

March 6, 2018

With so many people now using podcasts we think it’s the right time to launch one of our very own! The OMS podcast will be coming later in 2018. But first, we need your help in finding someone who may be interested in hosting and producing it.

A little about the yet-to-be-titled OMS podcast

  • It will be a 15-20-minute monthly podcast focusing on practical ways to integrate the different aspects of the 7-Step OMS Recovery Program into your life
  • The podcast will also feature inspirational, real-life stories about the daily challenges and small victories of successful lifestyle modification
  • Each episode will feature at least one special guest/interview subject: someone from the OMS organization like George Jelinek, an expert on diet/exercise/meditation, an OMS Ambassador, and/or OMSers themselves recounting their stories, sharing tips, etc
  • The podcast will be free and available for subscription as well as individual episode download on iOS via Apple’s Podcasts app and on Android via Google Play

Could you be the person we’re looking for? The ideal host should be:  

  • Dynamic and passionate, with the desire to be an OMS broadcast star who can produce and host the monthly show
  • A native English speaker with an engaging personality and convivial manner
  • Comfortable conducting interviews and reading scripted copy in a natural manner
  • Responsible for overall scripting and outlining of each episode, subject to OMS review and approval. OMS will assist in sourcing guests for each monthly episode

Do you fit this description, or know anyone who does? If so, please contact Alex Twersky at [email protected]. Plus, if you have any ideas about what to call our podcast, feel free to drop us a line as well.

Stay tuned for more information about the launch of the podcast later in 2018!

5 thoughts on ‘Would you like to host the new OMS podcast?

  1. Happy to read you’ll be ‘reinstating’ the podcasts! Have enjoyed listening to them all but have now run out of episodes. Being newly diagnosed with MS (Dec. ’17), diving into the OMS programme, listening to its podcasts and watching ‘stories of hope’ available on the website, has given this newby genuine hope that it will be ok for me in the long run. Still having some sensory issues but already experiencing the health benefits that the OMS lifestyle has. Hope you find someone suitable soon!

  2. Hi, I am a Professor of Theatre, aged 61, have had MS for 35 years, work full time, am fit, very well and been on the Swank and OMS programme for over 33 years (Swank for many years). As a theatre director and writer with international experience i am happy in front of many people. I am an ex South African living in the UK.

    • Hi David, thanks so much for your comment. We have passed your message on to the manager in charge of the podcast. We have just edited your comment to exclude your phone number as these comments are public. Best wishes, OMS team

  3. Hi, I have had MS for over 15years and have been in sports and holistic nutrition. Being a former professional athlete I am now able to recently restart my journey back to professional golf. I travel between Dubai and the USA. I have been involved in a variety of different podcasts featured on the website. It is wonderful what OMS is doing and hope to be part of your team.

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