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March 17, 2016

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Be it half, whole, or the ultimate ultra-marathon across the sands of the Sahara, our incredible fundraisers are running relentlessly all over the globe to raise money and awareness for OMS.

Niall Sheridan and Liesa Durrant are stepping up to the start lines of half marathons in Manchester, Liverpool and London respectively, and we have news just in that Susan Alison Arnold will be completing the full, gruelling 26 miles of the London Marathon in April.
Niall’s JustGiving page
Liesa’s JustGiving page
Susan Alison Arnold’s JustGiving page

Ted and Oscar Jackson have just a week left until they begin the Marathon des Sables – the equivalent of six marathons, back to back, across the Sahara, and Paul Skipworth will be soon be taking off for Namibia where his 250km endurance race awaits.
Ted and Oscar’s JustGiving page
Paul’s JustGiving page

In addition to the marathons, we’ve got tales of mud and mountains with Daryl Sheppard taking on the Operation Blackhawk Battlefield Challenge in Canberra, Australia, and Charlie Denton returning from his incredible Mount Kilimanjaro climb with a colossal £3000 of fundraising. And in just a month, Sarah Dickens sets off on the Gower Trek – covering the entire coastline of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales, UK.

Daryl’s JustGiving page
Charlie’s JustGiving page
Sarah’s JustGiving page

Almost as exhausted is our Head of Fundraising Emma-Louise, whose job it is to keep up with you all! She says:

“It is really great to have so many runners and trekkers signed up to support us. From those on the program – which is an enormous achievement and a sign they are doing so well, to others who are supporting a friend or family member with MS. We thank them all for ‘paying it forward’ and helping us raise the vital funds needed to provide the information and resources to help and support people on their journey toward recovery! We would love to welcome more people to join ‘Team OMS’ this year – whether it is a run, swim, trek or walk.”

Emma-LouiseEmma-Louise Singh, head of OMS fundraising 200 is on hand to support our fundraisers with fundraising and training resources. If you have an event in mind get in touch with her, or if you need inspiration then check out our fundraising calendar where you can browse the events and see if there’s anything you’d like to sign up for.

Good luck to one and all, and as ever, an enormous thank you from everyone at OMS.

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