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Top MS experts attend Modifiable Lifestyle Factors In MS Workshop in Australia

By OMSWebEditor on June 28, 2018

Top MS experts from around the world recently gathered to attend the Modifiable Lifestyle Factors in MS workshop organised by MS Research Australia

At last! High level evidence for diet in preventing MS disability

By George Jelinek on December 13, 2017

New research into the eating habits of nearly 7,000 people with MS has shown evidence for diet being a factor in reducing disability.

Ocrelizumab, a new drug for MS

By Amy Williams on January 3, 2017

Results on Ocrelizumab are showing that it reduces the immune response by targeting a type of immune cell which attacks myelin.

Receiving even one free meal from a drug company markedly influences doctors’ prescribing

By George Jelinek on June 22, 2016

Should it surprise us? Many researchers and clinicians have been banging on about this for years. Drug company marketing works; that’s why they do it! Whereas we as doctors deny that we could be so gullible as to be influenced by something as insignificant as, for example a free pen, or a free meal, this new research on over a quarter of a million US physicians blows that notion out of the water

Australian OMSers can shape the future of MS research in Australia

By George Jelinek on June 15, 2016

Australian OMSers were given a chance in 2016 to have input into MS Research Australia’s research agenda into the future.

Meditating on our health

By overcomingms on May 10, 2016

The evidence that meditating on our health can improve our health is mounting and it may be time to mainstream it in our health system.