The OMS Circle Support Groups are here!

September 12, 2017

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A few months ago we announced that OMS would soon be getting a lot more local with plans to establish new OMS support groups in cities around the world. Well we are pleased to announce that the time has come and we are now officially launching our first 29 OMS Circles!

Each ‘circle’ is a local support group led by a dedicated OMS ambassador who will be responsible for bringing local OMSers together regularly to meet up, share stories and get to know each other whilst supporting one another in leading healthier lifestyles by following the 7-Step OMS Recovery Program.

We initially started with a handful of OMS Circles in the UK and USA but have since expanded to include a total of 15 support groups in the UK, seven in the USA, two in Canada, one in New Zealand, one in Australia, one in Germany, one in Italy and one in Bulgaria!

None of this would be possible without our fantastic ambassadors who have come forward and volunteered their time to establish and lead an OMS Circle in their area. All of our ambassadors are OMSers who have been following the Recovery Program for some time and are hoping to share their knowledge with you.

Here is the full list of OMS Circles and ambassadors. If you spot one you’d like to join, please fill out the OMS Circle Form.


  1. Queensland – Karen Law


1. Sofia – Andrey Avramov


  1. Midland, Ontario – Jenn Hickey
  2. York, Ontario – Shirin Tadi


  1. Hamburg – Linda Boueke


1. Genova – Duilio Farina


  1. Berkshire – Yvette Sargood
  2. Derbyshire – Joanne Brown
  3. East Kent – Sarah Dickens
  4. Herefordshire – Helen Lee
  5. Hertfordshire – Martin Durrant
  6. Leicester – Hilary Holmes
  7. London – Kemal Nami
  8. Nottinghamshire – Geraldine Chesta
  9. Oxfordshire – Jenny Nicholson
  10. West Sussex – Karen Lee
  11. Southampton – Stephanie Pielot
  12. South London – Kalimah Ibrahiim
  13. Staffordshire – Danielle Thornhill
  14. West Scotland – Phil Startin
  15. West Sussex – Karen Lee


  1. Los Angeles – Ingrid Adelsberger
  2. New York – Chandra Platt
  3. Northampton, Massachusetts – Luke Johnson
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Rick Nelson
  5. Portland, Maine – Lindsay Bileau
  6. Tampa/St Pete, Florida – Tom Jones
  7. Williamsport, Pennsylvania – Blake Allan

New Zealand

  1. Blenheim – Brad Patrick

Can’t find a circle in your area? Not to worry – we are constantly expanding and hope to launch more and more circles in cities across the globe. If you fill out the OMS Circle Form and tell us where you are, we can keep your details on file and let you know once a circle is formed in your area.

Keen to become an ambassador and start a circle? Fill out our ambassador form and we’ll be in touch soon!

22 thoughts on ‘The OMS Circle Support Groups are here!

  1. Hello, I am interested in hte Derbyshire and Nottingham support groups as I would like to see which is nearer to my home in Matlock, Derbyshire ( postcode DE4 3NU.)

    • Hi Kate, great stuff. I will forward your details on to our ambassador co-ordinator and she will be in touch to assist you. Regards, Laura, OMS team

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