Meet our new OMS podcast host

June 12, 2018

Geoff Allix New OMS Podcast HostWe have recently been searching for a host for our exciting new OMS podcast which is due to go live later this year. Well, we are very pleased to announce that we have found the perfect OMSer for the job. We’d like to introduce Geoff Allix, the new OMS podcast host!

Get to know our new OMS podcast host

Geoff hails from Devon in England and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2015. Geoff’s father also had MS and sadly died at the age of 54. When he himself was diagnosed, Geoff was determined to do whatever he could to remain well.

Once he was told that he “almost certainly” had MS in May 2015, Geoff and his wife launched into action. They googled as much as they could about the condition. Shortly before Geoff was formally diagnosed in September 2015, they came across Overcoming MS and the 7-Step Recovery Program.

“I started the program immediately as it is based on science and research. It is also clearly interested in helping people rather than making money,” Geoff explains.

He has been following the program ever since and says that it has helped him overcome the concerns he had when diagnosed:

“OMS has removed all fears that I will follow the same path as my father. It has given me a real sense of optimism for the future.”

Geoff works as a Chief Technologist for a company that provides digital learning and performance support to other organizations. This means he has plenty of great skills he can apply to the role of OMS podcast host:

“A large part of my job is creating video content. I wanted to use the skills I have learnt as a presenter to give something back to the OMS community.”

All about the new OMS podcast

Not only have we found the perfect host, we have also decided on a name for the podcast – Living Well with MS: The OMS Podcast.

Living Well with MS will focus on helping people with MS adopt the key parts of the 7-Step Recovery Program; healthy diet, supplementing with vitamin D, regular exercise and more.

It will also be a means for the OMS community to hear the experiences of other OMSers from around the world.

This podcast will be free to download on desktop and mobile when it launches later this year.

We would like to extend a warm welcome and thank you to Geoff. We can’t wait for the first episode. In the meantime, you can check out some of our other podcasts here.

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6 thoughts on ‘Meet our new OMS podcast host

  1. Welcome Geoff I hope you really enjoy he role and I look forward to your podcasts.
    How do we get in contact with ideas?

  2. Thank you Geoff for sharing your story. Looking forward to hearing the podcast, are you seeking ideas for content?
    1. City to Surf 14 km run in Sydney has MS fundraisers and participants with MS running early August.
    2. Optometrists – often a first point of contact and the start of the diagnosis path. What updated training are they getting?
    3. Cheap, seasonal eating to get those veggies in.
    4. Disclosing at work. Should you?
    5. Disclosing at the gym. Must you? Those declaration forms!!!

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