OMS retreat to take place in Wales later this month

October 17, 2018

buckland hall retreat venue

We are looking forward to hosting our second UK-based retreat for the year in Wales at the end of the month. This five-day retreat will be taking place from the 29th of October to the 2nd of November at Buckland Hall – a country mansion, nestled in the picturesque Brecon Beacons mountain range.

For the 38 participants who will be attending, this tranquil environment will provide the perfect setting to gain a deeper understanding of the core aspects of the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program.

Our facilitators for the retreat will be Dr Jonathan White alongside our senior MBSR practitioner Phil Startin, clinical psychologist Dr Rachael Hunter and yoga teacher Véronique Gauthier-Simmons who each have MS themselves and are too following the OMS program. The program for the event will include a mixture of presentations and discussions, movement and meditation exercises, inspiring stories from others. Our Chair, Linda Bloom and Chief Executive Officer, Gary McMahon will be there to meet all attendees and provide additional support.

Ian Black, who attended our last event at the Ammerdown Centre in Somerset, England, described his experience in a recent blog post:

“Finding the Recovery Program gave me a spark of hope. Some small steps forward in recent months have given me faith I’m on the correct journey. My experience attending an OMS retreat has reinforced everything and given me belief. Hope. Faith. Belief. Three small words which were absent from my life, for which I will now be eternally grateful.”

Our aim, as always, will be to provide a safe space to learn and connect but also the hope that recovery is possible. We would like to wish all participants an enriching and transforming experience.

If you’re interested in attending a retreat, please keep an eye on the website and our newsletters for upcoming announcements. Sign up for the newsletter here.

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6 thoughts on ‘OMS retreat to take place in Wales later this month

    • Hi David, this retreat is already fully booked. We will be announcing more retreats in the near future though so please keep an eye out for those. Best wishes, OMS team

  1. I understand there is already a considerable number of keen candidates for the retreats.
    I’m curious whether sort of ‘waiting list’ has been created? Regards, Svetlana

    • Hi Pam, in the interest of fairness we try to inform everyone of any upcoming retreats at the same time via our newsletter and social media channels. We can say that we will be announcing our next retreat within the next few weeks. Thanks, Laura

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