Overcoming MS Retreat at the Gawler Foundation, Australia

December 4, 2018

Just over a fortnight ago a group of more than 30 people from the MS community came together at the Gawler Foundation in the Yarra Valley just outside Melbourne to attend the most recent OMS residential retreat.

The participants came mainly from across Australia, but also New Zealand and the UK. Dr Jonathan White, one of the lead facilitators for the Retreat welcomed the group alongside Paul Bedson, senior therapist from Gawler and Gary McMahon, the OMS CEO who has been in Australia in recent weeks.

The group had a very successful week together learning the detail of the OMS program and also enjoying time spent together getting to know each other and sharing their stories with one another.

By the end of the week the group had not only really bonded and were going home armed with new tools and fresh new hope. As one participant said

“I wish that we had attended this program when first diagnosed – it is life-changing.”

Here’s a group picture from the retreat. For news about future retreats at Gawler, please see their website.

gawler group photo


7 thoughts on ‘Overcoming MS Retreat at the Gawler Foundation, Australia

    • Hi Jenny, we often have UK & Irish retreats. Our next retreat is in Ireland in April but is unfortunately fully booked. We expect to be announcing more next year

  1. Please come to Canada. I know it’s on the to do list but the sooner the better would be nice – we are desperate to attend an OMS retreat. So many OMSers here have heard and read about the life-changing experiences people have had and the incredible benefits the retreats promise. It would be wonderful to be able to share in the joy.

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