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Guide to the Overcoming MS diet – going deeper

Find out what to eat to live well with MS

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Getting started with the Overcoming MS diet

There is lots to consider when starting the Overcoming MS diet. If you’re someone who likes to take things step by step, we recommend you join the ‘6 months to Overcoming MS’ programme in the Live Well Hub. This takes you one change at a time and you can get tips and ideas from our community members.

Reminder of the food to enjoy

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Fruit & vegetables


Nuts & seeds

Fish & seafood

Flaxseed oil

Extra virgin olive oil

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Eat well: Try out our recipes!

Finding tasty food alternatives is a great way to make progress on the Overcoming MS diet. Visit our recipes section with a wide range of different ideas to inspire you to eat tasty food that helps you live well with MS.

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Tips and tools to help you make progress with the Overcoming MS diet

We have many useful pages to help you with adopting these lifestyle changes. Check out our tips for getting started and for following the diet. Our diet cards to take wit you when eating out are also particularly popular!

The importance of diet for people with MS – the research

Professor George Jelinek pointed out the amazing statement in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology, at the end of 2022: there is sufficient evidence to recommend a healthy diet as an adjunct intervention in MS.

To read more about this landmark validation of the importance of diet to people with MS, see our blog by Dr Jonathan White and Professor George Jelinek.

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Access all our blogs about the Overcoming MS diet

If you’re ready for more inspiration, take a look through all our blogs on the topic of the Overcoming MS diet, including tips, research and personal stories.