Tinned Tuna Udon

Main Meal

If you are enthusiastic about Japanese food you might have all these ingredients in your cupboard. It's a really easy dish that is much tastier than it sounds.

20 mins
Ingredients List for people
  1. Mix 1 part mirin to 1 part rice vinegar and 2 parts soy sauce. 
  2. Heat pan on medium - high heat. (Cook any vegetables if you want to add)
  3. Coat udon and put on to cook until noodles are 'floppy' (3-4 mins) 
  4. Drain and flake tuna.
  5. Mix cooked noodles and tuna. 
  6. Drizzle with sesame oil and sesame seeds. Serve with any vegetables you have to hand or on its own. 

I have served it here with kimchee and a bit of frozen spinach with lemon juice which is what I had to hand. You could add veg to stir fry or cook them to have alongside. Mushrooms, frozen peas and pepper could be nice. 

I saw this recipe recommended in a magazine a while ago - and thought it sounded strange. However when I tried it I was very pleasantly surprised withe the flavours and how filling it is - all ingredients have a long shelf life. You can also eat it cold as a salad. 

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