Recovery Program

The OMS Recovery Program has one core mission: to help people with MS live longer, better and have healthier lives. Through a series of diet and lifestyle changes – all based on rigorous scientific research and evidence – we believe people with MS can make a dramatically positive impact on their quality of life.

The program consists of the following: diet, exercise, stress management, sunlight, vitamin D and omega-3 supplementation, and, when needed, medication.

In this section you can learn more about all of these, and understand how they form the core of the OMS mantra: do whatever it takes to overcome MS.

Diet and supplements

• A plant-based wholefood diet plus seafood, with no saturated fat, as far as is practical
• Omega-3 fatty acid supplements: Take 20-40mls of flaxseed oil daily; fish oil can be used instead if desired
• Optional B group vitamins or B12 supplement if needed

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Vitamin D

• Sunlight 15 minutes daily 3-5 times a week as close to all over as practical
• Vitamin D3 supplement of at least 5000IU daily, adjusted to blood level
• Aim to keep blood level of vitamin D high, that is between 150-225nmol/L (may require up to 10,000IU daily)

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• 30 minutes daily

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• 20-30 minutes around five times a week, preferably outdoors

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• In consultation with your doctor, if a wait and see approach is not appropriate, take one of the disease-modifying drugs (many may not need a drug, and drug selection should be carefully weighed against side effects)
• Steroids for any acute relapse that is distressing
• One of the more potent drugs if the disease is rapidly progressive

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