Drug Therapies

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Many medications are used to treat MS, but none of them can claim to cure the disease. They generally reduce the rate of relapses – mostly only modestly. None arrests or slows progressive MS, and for many of them, it has been difficult to detect any effect on the progression of the disease to disability.

The same is not true of the lifestyle therapies described on this site. Long-term studies have shown that diet changes, for example, significantly reduce the rate of MS progression to disability.

Even so, in the spirit of doing whatever it takes to stay well, many people with MS choose to take medication. This decision is not in in conflict with diet and lifestyle changes and getting adequate sunlight. Many people feel anything that may help is worth trying, as long as the side effects aren’t too severe. On this page and in the MS Encyclopedia, we offer insights and approaches to help with choosing whether to take medication and if so, which one.