Making changes to your diet and lifestyle can be challenging at first, even if a better quality of life lies on the horizon. Sometimes you just need a little support and encouragement from others going through the same thing. That’s where Overcoming MS Circles fit into the picture.

What is an Overcoming MS Circle?

An Overcoming MS Circle is a community of people who share a belief in making positive changes to their diets and lifestyles to achieve a better and healthier life with MS. They meet regularly for events and outings, answer each other’s questions, and act as a source of support and encouragement for each other, in good and not-so-good times. Overcoming MS Ambassadors serve both as members and leaders of the group.

Our Circles are all on the Live Well Hub, the Overcoming MS app which you can access via your browser here:, or by searching Live Well Hub - Overcoming MS in the app store on your phone or tablet. It's simple to join and once you're in you can explore the Circles listed in the menu on the left hand side, to find the one that's closest to you.

Don't worry if there isn't one near you yet, you can join our Global Circle. Also, the Overcoming MS community is always expanding, so a new Circle may be just around the corner.

There are many ways Overcoming MS Circle members can get together. The meetings are a way of connecting people and sharing experiences and supporting one another. These gatherings take place in public places at a local café, bar, restaurant or local park if the weather is fine. The important thing is for people to connect, chat, and learn from each others' experiences.

You can find out more in our Live Well Hub FAQs.

We have guidelines containing agreed behaviours for you and others to follow. This ensures we keep a safe, positive, and open space for the community to thrive and provide realistic hope for people with MS. Everyone signs up to these when they join the Live Well Hub. Once you've joined, you can find the Community Guidelines at the bottom of the Start Here page.

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