Welcome to Season 5 of Living Well with MS, the Overcoming MS podcast where we explore all topics relating to living well with multiple sclerosis (MS). In this episode, we are pleased to welcome nutrition educators and breathing instructors Annette and Graham Henry

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Graham and Annette Henry are the founders of Henry and Henry, Plant-Based Nutrition Educators and Breathing Re-education Instructors.

Their health challenges that led them to become experts

Both British, they relocated to Germany in October 2020 and now live in Berlin. They have each resolved their own particular health challenges via a dietary approach. For Annette, this was initially endometriosis, and later on chronic fatigue. For Graham, it was obesity, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

Their training as whole food plant-based educators

Becoming increasingly aware of the impact of diet on our health, Annette and Graham were motivated to learn more about a nutritional approach to managing and resolving chronic conditions, realizing that this would also have knock-on benefits for planetary health. As a result, they both trained as whole food plant-based educators and now apply their knowledge and passion to not only help others transition successfully to a more plant-based diet as a route to improved health but also as a means of contributing to a more conscious and compassionate world.

Becoming certified breathing instructors

Annette and Graham recognise that the journey of self-realisation and the key to resolving health issues doesn’t always follow an obvious and linear route and that it requires continual revaluation and adaptation. Thus, when one of them self-diagnosed a breathing issue, realising that diet is only one piece of the puzzle, it prompted them to investigate the science of breathing and how the way we breathe can affect our physical and cognitive health. As a result of their findings, they have now become certified breathing instructors, helping clients to resolve and better manage a range of health conditions and to improve performance.

Henry and Henry

Annette and Graham run regular events, classes and workshops on whole food, plant-based nutrition and breathing. Further details can be found on their website at https://www.henryandhenryeu.com

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Key Takeaways:

Prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics

“Prebiotics are the fibres that we eat, that we can't actually do anything with, but our gut bacteria can. That's their food and that’s what they thrive on. Probiotics are the healthy gut bugs that we have. So, the prebiotics are for the probiotics (our gut bugs). Then the postbiotics are the byproducts of that nutrition, that the bugs eat, [and] that release all sorts of wonderful chemicals in our body - short-chain fatty acids – which we now know, have so many health benefits.

How to transition to a plant-based diet

“I would say that taking smallest steps is better for most people, because they can handle that better. It may be a case of changing one meal, making sure your breakfast is plant-based every day or a different meal or whatever [meal you choose], and increasing it [and] looking at swaps.”

Breathing for health

“The Buteyko Breathing Method is really for dealing with health conditions. If you're breathing incorrectly, then somewhere in your health, things will not work quite as well as they could. It could be more obvious things such as asthma and anxiety. Sleep can be extremely impacted by [breathing incorrectly], as I'm finding out and it’s just starting to get exciting because I am actually finally sleeping a little bit better. [There] are all sorts of other areas too, that you might not imagine, [for example] your posture is impacted by your breathing.”

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