Welcome to Living Well with MS, where we are pleased to welcome Molly Meng as our guest! Molly has been following the Overcoming MS Program since 2020 and is an artist with a passion for storytelling. She chats to Geoff about how she adapted to the Overcoming MS Program, how she has found ways to manage stress and how her MS diagnosis has led her to build connections with others living with MS.

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World MS Day

Tuesday 30th May is World MS Day, this year we're joining charities all over the world to share stories of connection using #MSConnections. Join the global campaign to make a difference to people with MS here: overcomingms.org/worldmsday

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Key Takeaways: 

Understanding how diet affects your health can help you make changes

“I was such a dairy hound. I was not only raised on dairy, but if you asked me one thing that I love having in my life ever it was dairy cream. Didn't have to be ice cream, just cream, milk, butter. I loved dairy so much that I thought, ’how will I ever give it up?’ But the moment I read [the research on] the Overcoming MS website, I walked into my kitchen, and I just emptied out my fridge.”

Following the Overcoming MS diet can get you excited to try new flavours and food combinations

“[Following the Overcoming MS Program] has changed my excitement for food. I thought I was a foodie before, but now I wake up in the morning [and] I think what kind of flavours do I want to put together? Do I want salty and sweet? What can I use to get to that flavour? Can I use dates? Can I actually use a little tahini and dill? I just love it. I now cook and make things as a relaxing hobby.”

Mindful walking can be a form of stress-reduction

“When I'm on my dog walk, I don't take a phone. I don't have conversations. On the dog walk, I just find that I'm really mindful and I'm noticing the robins and the flowers. My whole body tends to lower its adrenaline and by the time I get home from that walk, I don't find a lot of things to be stressed about.”

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Molly’s personal life and MS diagnosis

Molly Meng is a Los Angeles, California native who recently moved with her husband to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She was diagnosed with MS in August 2020 and started following the Overcoming MS program that same month. The move from CA to NH was largely influenced by this diagnosis, in an effort to slow down and live deeper in nature.

Molly’s career as an artist

Molly is an artist, working with ephemera, vintage photos and textiles, who also teaches creative workshops throughout the year. She loves being on stage performing stand-up comedy, and storytelling. Molly finds enjoyment and ease in seeking out new people and speaking with strangers.  Her motto that “strangers are just friends you haven't met yet” has led her to meet a wide variety of others who are living well with MS.