Welcome to Living Well with MS, where we are pleased to welcome Jack McNulty as our guest! Jack is a professional cook and a longtime follower of the Overcoming MS Program. In this episode, he answers questions from the community about how to cook with tofu.

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Topics and Timestamps:

01:42 What is tofu?

02:37 Is it possible to make tofu from scratch?

03:59 Benefits of adding tofu to your diet.

05:54 Debunking the myth that ‘tofu is bland’.

07:03 Saturated fat levels in tofu.

08:52 Different types and textures of tofu.

16:24 The difference between tofu and tempeh.

21:49 Ways to change the texture of tofu.

28:57 Do you have to press tofu before cooking?

31:22 Jack’s favourite tofu marinades and recipes.

Selected Key Takeaways:

Tofu is an affordable, easy-to-digest, source of protein. 
04:25 “Tofu is fairly easy to digest. A lot of people who may have trouble [digesting] legumes can actually digest tofu a little bit easier than they can from the whole bean, which is nice. It's definitely a good source of protein. It’s really affordable. The other thing that I think that's really interesting with tofu is it's basically just a blank canvas."

Tofu vs. tempeh
17:01 “Tofu is made from soy milk from the whole soybean turned into milk and then coagulated. Tempeh which originates from Indonesia (and you see it a lot in Indonesian cooking) is [made from] whole beans. It's generally soybeans, but it can be made with other kinds of beans like chickpeas and is pressed together and inoculated with a mold and then packaged so it has this sort of white net around the beans, which gives it a very specific flavour.”

Pressing tofu can make it dry.  
29:19 “You want to be careful [pressing tofu] because you're forcing out a lot of the moisture from the interior of the tofu that's going to make it fundamentally dry at the end. I would be very cautious with recipes that say, ‘start off by pressing the tofu’. I think it's much better to take a different approach, maybe freeze it, maybe pour some boiling salted water over it, or marinate it rather than pressing it.”

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