Exercise benefits everyone but it is crucial for people with MS. It can help manage MS symptoms, improve your mood and wellbeing and may have a beneficial long-term effect on your MS.

The problem is that many people with MS tend to exercise less — or even avoid exercise altogether. That's why we have exercises for every level of ability and confidence.

Use the filters to select the exercise type to find something that's right for you.

Scientific evidence shows that exercise can improve your:

Fitness, function, mobility, exercise tolerance and muscle power.

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Bicep Curl with Theraband

This exercise will use your upper arm muscles and chest.

Dumbwaiter with Theraband

A deep breathing exercise using the theraband and chest muscles.

The Plank

A challenging manoeuvre where you support your entire body weight from the floor.


A whole body exercise that is both challenging and invigorating.


A yoga pose that uses the chest and spinal muscles.

Tiptoe Balance

A straightforward balancing exercise with chair support.