Exercise benefits everyone but it is crucial for people with MS. It can help manage MS symptoms, improve your mood and wellbeing and may have a beneficial long-term effect on your MS.

The problem is that many people with MS tend to exercise less — or even avoid exercise altogether. That's why we have exercises for every level of ability and confidence.

Use the filters to select the exercise type to find something that's right for you.

Scientific evidence shows that exercise can improve your:

Fitness, function, mobility, exercise tolerance and muscle power.

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Help correct balance

This exercise sequence will train your body to keep you steady while reaching outside your base of...

Yoga for anxiety

A soothing and relaxing sequence that is perfect to following when experiencing symptoms of anxiety.

Chair yoga for anxiety

A 20 min sequence to practise when you're feeling anxious or before going to bed.

Restorative Yoga for anxiety

A 30 min restorative yoga sequence for anxiety. You'll need a bolster, 2 blankets, blocks and a belt...

Yoga Relaxation Sequence

A 25 min mat-based relaxation sequence with Véronique. You will need a yoga belt and a bolster...

Yoga Strengthening Sequence

Véronique will take you through this 30 minute yoga sequence on the mat which is useful for...