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An OMS Circle is a group of people who share a belief in making positive changes to their diets and lifestyles to achieve a better and healthier life with MS. They meet regularly for events and outings, answer each other’s questions, and act as a source of support and encouragement for each other, in good and not-so-good times. As well as meet ups in person, an OMS Circle also connects via Circles Online, a platform within the OMS website which helps you to connect with Circle members. 

An OMS Ambassador is somebody who actively supports our vision - a world in which every person with MS is empowered to take control of their health, is making informed lifestyle choices and is living their fullest life possible. They volunteer as local hosts in their community, organising meetings for people with MS to provide support, encouragement and share their own journey of recovery to give hope to others. An Ambassador has experience following the OMS recovery program and actively encourages and supports others who wish to take the first step towards recovery.

To sign up for an OMS Circle, find the Circle you want to join on the Circles map. Click here to view the map: https://overcomingms.org/oms-circles-ambassadors (you can browse by scrolling, using the search or filtering). Click ‘Join the Circle’. You will then need to fill in a form to join or sign in if you already have an account.  

The map on this page - https://overcomingms.org/oms-circles-ambassadors - uses your location to center on the country you are in, and you can scroll to browse using the controls (or use two fingers to scroll on mobile). 

Alternatively, you can also look up your ZIP / postcode or location in the ‘search a location’ box. 

You can also filter by country or area using the drop-down list. 

Each Overcoming MS Circle starts by finding an OMS Ambassador to volunteer. Once established, the Ambassador works with us to raise awareness in their local area and to connect with other people with MS. This includes those who are already following the program, interested in finding out more or people who simply want to connect with others who will understand. If there is no Circle in your area yet, this is because we have yet to find somebody to carry out our message of hope and be a pillar of support in your local community.

Once you have signed up using the form on our website, you will receive a welcome email from us detailing which Circle you have joined for confirmation and the name of the Ambassador for your Circle. Your Ambassador will be notified by us and given your email address to contact you and welcome you to the group. 

We know it can be intimidating joining a group of people you haven’t met yet but rest assured our Ambassadors and community are inclusive, supportive and welcoming. We encourage you to reply directly to your Ambassador if you are not ready to send a message to a group.

Desktop: Log in to your profile using the ‘login’ button and on the top righthand side of the screen under your picture or avatar click ‘My Circle’ in the drop down.  

screenshot of finding My Circle on desktop

Mobile: When you are on the homepage of the website, you will see your profile/ avatar on the top right-hand corner. Click on this and then click on ‘My Circle’. 

screenshot of finding My Circle on mobile

You can edit your profile at any time in ‘your details’ tab - under your photo on the right-hand side. Here you can change your profile details, picture, email address, password and contact details or preferences.  

If you click on your photo or avatar on the top right-hand side of the screen next to the notifications – there is an option to edit profile. Upload your own photo or alternatively use one of our OMS avatars.   

You can change the visibility of your profile to be ‘private’ so others cannot see it.  

Your profile includes your picture, your blog, favorite quote, and biography.  

Your other information such as MS diagnosis date is optional and never visible to others – only you and OMS. 

Your notifications can be found through the bell image next to your avatar or picture at the top right-hand side. If you have a new notification a number will appear on the bell to alert you. By clicking on the bell, you will see a list of all your notifications. Notifications can be for several reasons but are likely to be from other Circle members commenting on your posts. 

bell icon

To view posts from others in your Circle you need to access ‘My Circle’.  Click on the avatar or photo on the top right-hand side of the screen which will produce a drop down. Then select ‘My Circle’. This will bring up your Circle and a list of posts which you can scroll through and read. 

Only people who have been admitted to your Circle will be able to see all your posts or comments. 

You can leave by pressing the ‘Leave circle’ button under the Circle name at the top of your screen when you are on your Circle page.   

Please do let your Ambassador know if there is a particular reason you have decided to leave your Circle. If you are not comfortable doing that, please contact ambassadors@overcomingms.org 

If you are having trouble leaving the Circle, your Ambassador can help you. If you wish to return, that is fine, but we will need to re-confirm your membership to allow you to see the posts again.  

To get the most out of this website, we have guidelines containing agreed behaviours for you and others to follow. This ensures we keep a safe, positive, and open space for the community to thrive and provide realistic hope for people with MS. You can read the guidelines here:   


If possible, start by politely pointing this out to the individual so they can edit or remove their post themselves. It could be that they aren’t aware of the community rules. The next step would be to speak to your Ambassador and after that, if it is a serious concern to click ‘report post’.    

Reporting posts is used when there are serious concerns that an individual is breaking OMS community guidelines in their posts, or you are concerned for their wellbeing. If possible, issues should be resolved directly with the person who has written the post in the Circle. 

reporting process

Sometimes, you may not want to share everything right away, and that’s okay. If you’d like to connect with a Circle just to see how it operates, please put a comment in the box provided on the Circles form. You can give just your first name and the first letter of your surname if you wish. Please just make sure your email address is correct because this is where all correspondence will be sent. We do not require a phone number for you to join, however many Circles have group discussions on Whatsapp and so at some point, it may be useful to join this discussion when you are ready.

The great thing about our Ambassador program is that it’s very flexible. We are truly grateful for all of the support our Ambassadors give to us to help us achieve our mission. The main role of an Ambassador is to connect with new and existing members and organise meetings for the group. This could be coffee mornings, afternoon tea, lunch or dinner or an all inclusive activity such as mindfulness, yoga or pilates. There are endless ideas for you to engage with others and we are on hand to provide whatever support you may need to help you organise things for your group.

Each Circle is different because each Ambassador is different. They may share similarities but ultimately, no two Circles are identical. Some Ambassadors are active marathon runners who fundraise to support us further, and other Ambassadors are homely people who love a nice get together over some delicious OMS friendly snacks and tea.

You are given the freedom and tools to make being an Ambassador work for you so that you can continue to live in good health and also give back to the MS community.

We do not judge how suitable an Ambassador might be based on their MS symptoms as this would not be a fair representation of our community. What we look for is warm and encouraging personalities who are passionate about connecting with others, spreading awareness of the OMS program and providing support to other people with MS in their local area.

Our main consideration was to create a place where people can talk safely and securely, and where they can decide how much they want to share with others and maintain their privacy if they want to, but also feel confident that their words will remain within the group.  

We built a custom build platform with testing to make sure it is easy to use. It was designed with OMSers in mind every step of the way and we hope it meets your needs.  

We also wanted to be inclusive to those who do not wish to use social media or share their contact details with other members or information with a third party. OMS are committed to keeping your information safe and we do not have an advertising on site.  

Family members, partners and friends are always welcome to join you at Circle meetups. It is often beneficial for them as well, to get a better understanding of the group and meet others in similar situations. 

Most Circles are also pet friendly too, but please ask your Ambassador.