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Live Well Hub FAQs

Frequently asked questions to help you navigate the new Overcoming MS app, the Live Well Hub.


What if I can’t download apps on my mobile or I don’t like using apps?

You can join the Live Well Hub and use the platform on your computer or laptop if you prefer. Just go to on your internet browser to access the Live Well Hub without downloading the app. Or you can download the app on a tablet device if you prefer!

Can I join if I don’t have Instagram or Facebook?

Yes! You don’t need any social media accounts to join the Live Well Hub. Just download the app from the app store or go to and click Sign In. You’ll then be taken to a simple two-step process to sign in to the hub. 

I thought Overcoming MS was creating an app two years ago, is this the same app?

No, this is a brand new app which will replace Circles Online, as well as providing a new community hub for everyone who is interested in connecting with others living well with MS. This will be the only Overcoming MS app. 

What do I do once I've joined?

We suggest going to the Start Here page and following the guidelines there. From checking out upcoming events, to posting in the feed and connecting with other members, there’s lots to do once you’ve joined!


Who do I contact for technical support?

If you have any technical issues and need support, or you have any technical questions, have a look at the Mighty Networks Help Centre for members: click here for technical support. Or if your question isn’t answered there, you can email [email protected].

Who do I contact with non-technical questions about the Live Well Hub?

If you have a question about joining the Live Well Hub, you can post this in the Joining Questions feed, which you can find via the menu on the left hand side, just below Start Here. If you have any technical questions, please see the FAQ above. If you have other questions that aren’t related to joining or something technical, please feel free to email this to [email protected].

What if I don't remember my login details?

If you need to reset your password, you can click ‘Forgot password’ and you’ll be emailed a magic link to login with and reset your password. If you have trouble logging in, you can contact [email protected].

How do I change my name in the Live Well Hub?

To change your name, click on your profile icon in the Live Well Hub to go to your profile page and then click Edit at the top. On this page you’ll see a yellow box which says ‘To edit some items you’ll need to go to your original sign in provider here.’ Click on ‘here’ and it will take you to the Overcoming MS website. On our website, click on your profile icon near the top right and click Edit profile. On this page you can change your website profile name, and this will update the Live Well Hub as well.

What do I do if someone posts or shares something offensive?

In the Live Well Hub you have the option to Report posts or people. To do this, click on the three dots in the top corner of the offensive post, and then in the dropdown menu click ‘More’. You’ll then see an option to Report the post or person. Please consider the Community Guidelines when reporting a post, these can be found on the Start Here page. The Overcoming MS team are here to ensure everyone in the Live Well Hub feels safe and respected, so we do not tolerate offensive or discriminatory posts of any nature.


Can people message me and see my profile?

When you join, go to your Settings and you can choose whether people can direct message you or not, just click on your profile icon, click on Personal Settings and then click on Chat. Other Live Well Hub users will be able to see your profile, so please don’t share personal details such as your address or phone number on your profile. 


What happens to my information when I leave the app?

Overcoming MS and Mighty Networks (the platform which powers the Live Well Hub) do not store any personal data, so once you leave the app your profile details will be deleted. Click here to read the Mighty Networks Privacy Policy. 


Will I still be able to access Circles Online?

Circles Online which you’ve been using to connect with your Circle so far will be closing soon. You will have access to your Circle on Circles Online for a short period of time after the Live Well Hub goes live

Will everyone in my Circle be on the Live Well Hub now?

All Circle members received an email invitation to join the app before the 27th June, when the app is live for everyone in the wider community to join. Some Circle members may take a little longer to sign up, so make sure to encourage your Circle to join as soon as possible, so you can have the best possible experience with everyone connected in one place. 

Can I join more than one Circle?

Yes! You can join as many Circles as you like. Use the navigation on the left hand side to browse through all Circles. Most are geographical based, so you can request to join any which are in your local area, or you can join the Global Circle which is for everyone across the globe. We also have some thematic circles, such as one for people with PPMS, and one for Family Life and MS. 

What is the benefit of using the app compared to our Circle communicating via WhatsApp or another platform?

The Live Well Hub will be a central place where you can connect with the wider community as well as your Circle, so you’ll benefit from a much bigger support network than just your Circle. It also allows you to see everything related to your Circle in one place, eg see upcoming events, message other members directly or in a group chat, easily find links or resources people have shared in the feed, and much more. It also offers better privacy than Whatsapp or platforms like Facebook groups, as noone will have access to your phone number.