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Affirmation Meditation: I Am Proud of All My Efforts

This meditation offers you the affirmation "I am proud of all my efforts" - take it in deeply, beyond the layers of self-doubt to the truth of your glowing spirit. You've done well. Enjoy.

Alison Potts has had MS all her adult life and was diagnosed at a time when there were no medical treatments. The journey to discovering optimum self care and thriving has been the best she could have taken. Born in England, she followed the sun for the power of Vitamin D and moved to Australia where she is now a Meditation and Vitality Coach. Like her page on Facebook for more info.

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I really enjoyed this meditation. It was great to be reminded to be kind to myself.

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Sue Allaway (not verified)

You need to be kind to yourself, this then empowers you to be kind to others


Today I was feeling tired, down and unappreciated. I went to the OMS site and happened to find this meditation. It wiped away my tears and frustration and indeed reminded me that I am proud of all my efforts!


Glad you enjoyed the meditation but I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling good at the moment


This 45min body scan meditation really helped me overcoming very tired legs. I lied down followed the quiet voice, "scanned" through my body and felt good afterwards, even my walking improved for the rest of the day!

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Regina (not verified)

Thanks for the meditation, a great reminder to focus on process rather than product

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