Guided meditation means meditating with the help of a guide. You simply listen to the meditation practitioner while they lead you through relaxation techniques. You will find that as you relax, your mind will become clearer and stress will be relieved. At the end of the meditation, your guide will gently bring you back to normal awareness, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

How can it help you?

The benefits of our guided meditation videos include:

  • Reducing the negative feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Better managing MS symptoms which stress can exacerbate
  • Stress can trigger relapses, which is why it is so important to incorporate stress-reduction techniques into your daily routine
  • A sense of enjoyment
  • Guided meditation can also encourage positive thinking, it can potentially change your perspective so that you can live your life to the fullest
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Triggering the brain’s relaxation response


Are you new to meditation?

Some people who are new to the Overcoming MS program and new to meditation can sometimes find it difficult to start implementing a regular meditation practice right from the start. There are so many benefits to meditation for people with MS, so please keep trying. Work at a pace that is right for you towards the full program.

Try using the filters below to start with the shorter meditation videos, and work towards practising it more regularly and for longer durations, until it becomes a natural part of your routine.

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Love and rest

This is an uplifting and deeply relaxing meditation with those you love keeping you company as you...

Feel brighter on the inside

Feel Brighter On The Inside takes you on a beautiful, compassionate and embodied journey, through...

Stand in your strength

We all feel ungrounded and destabilised sometimes. We can all find our foundation again. This...

Find Your Inner Strength

This meditation help you to call on your inner strength and all that supports you and to find the...

A Call To Rest - Recovery Meditation

“I am looking after myself and good things are coming.”

Breath-based MS meditation

George Jelinek offers a short breath-based MS meditation.