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Watch our informational video animations to find out more about the Overcoming MS Program and how it can help you.

Topics include:
•    What is MS?
•    OMS Program

As well as individual elements of the program:
•    Stress and MS
•    Vitamin D and MS
•    Medication
•    Exercise
•    Diet

Take a look and find out more about the Program.

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What is MS?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the nervous system - more than 2.8 million people...

Vitamin D and MS

What effects do vitamin D and sunlight have on people with multiple sclerosis? Why are they...

Stress and MS

Stress has been shown to have a negative impact on multiple sclerosis, but there are effective ways...

Medication and the OMS Program

What is the role of medication in the Overcoming MS Program?

Why is exercise part of the OMS Recovery Program?

Exercise can be a powerful way of improving the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and is step 3 of the...

What is the OMS Diet?

Why is reducing intake of saturated fat such an important part of the Swank Diet and the OMS...