Episode 0: Welcome to the Overcoming MS | Living Well with MS Podcast

Welcome to the Overcoming MS | Living Well with MS Podcast. In this episode, our host Geoff Allix introduces listeners to the OMS podcast and previews some of the exciting topics and interviews in store in future episodes.

Geoff shares his excitement about hosting the OMS podcast because he is passionate about sharing as much information about OMS as possible with both current OMS community members and newbies alike.

Also, as someone who has MS and has experienced the positive effects of following the Overcoming MS (OMS) 7-Step Recovery Program, Geoff wanted to pay it forward and raise even more awareness about OMS in places only a podcast can reach.

Subscribe to this podcast above and never miss an episode. In our first episode, we’ll talk to none other than Professor George Jelinek, and get his take on each of the 7 steps in the OMS program.



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Lorena Noda (not verified) (not verified)

I want to feel better, I found at of MS in 14 years ago.

Sophie OMS (not verified)

Please take a listen to other podcast episodes to find out more about the OMS 7 -Step Recovery Program