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When you’re initially diagnosed with MS, you can feel like your world has been turned upside down. Listening to experts in the field or others in a similar situation, who have a positive outlook can help you to refocus, regain your confidence, and learn to adapt. 

To help you do this, we give you access to our podcast library, including interviews with guests such as Professor George Jelinek.

Featuring inspiring guests

There is also an important personal, social feel to our podcasts — we want you to be part of the OMS community. Listening to like-minded people and their positive experiences, as well as their own difficulties, is good for your wellbeing and will keep you moving forward on your MS journey.

Listen as you travel, do chores or exercise.

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Geoff Allix

Geoff Allix OMS Podcast Host

Geoff Allix hails from Devon in England and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2015. Geoff's father also had MS, and sadly died at the age of 54. When he himself was diagnosed, Geoff was determined to do whatever he could to remain well. Once he was told that he "almost certainly" had MS in May 2015, he and his wife launched into action and they Googled as much as they could about the condition.

Shortly before Geoff was formally diagnosed in September 2015, they came across the Overcoming MS Program. He has been on the program since then and although Geoff might not be running marathons anymore, he is optimistic about the future and is sure that OMS is letting him live his best possible life. Geoff works as a computer consultant and is a dad to two adolescent and very active children. 

OMS Living Well with MS Podcast

If you have any feedback on the OMS Living Well with MS Podcast or would like to suggest a topic or guest for a future episode, please get in touch.

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