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Jack's Story of Hope

Jack from Switzerland has been following OMS since 2010 and felt that is profession as a cook made the dietary changes easier for him.

Jack: “It’s actually been awesome. Changing the diet is something that came really easy for me, being that cooking is my profession so it was no problem to experiment and find new ways to cook things. The other lifestyle changes have really just been great.

“For me, I grabbed onto them and just got the full benefit of the program of which, nearly five years down the road, has only brought good benefits.

“I feel very positive because I try to look at and enjoy each day separately then I don’t have to worry about my future because my future’s taking care of itself in the present.”

Jack's wife Silvia:“It’s benefiting both of us. I started right away also with the program. I felt it was important to be in this, too, so I could be supportive and we could be doing it together. He [Jack] is getting fitter and younger. So, no worries about MS in the future, it’s great, just great.”

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