Jane-Marie's Story of Hope

Jane-Marie from the UK began following the OMS Program in 2013.

“It’s given me optimism for the future. It’s made me feel that I’m in control of my illness and I have found improvements in my health. It’s an illness which you’re told in the normal course of events that you can just expect to deteriorate slowly over the years.

“Although I haven’t been on the OMS program all that long, I’ve found an increase in my energy and the fatigue is nothing like as bad as it was.

“If I overdo things I recover quicker and, that’s absolutely huge. I’m just very grateful that I’ve found the program and pleased that it’s now become a way of life.

“I try to recommend it to friends who have MS and to recommend to anyone who is newly diagnosed to get stuck in. It’s a fantastic way of life and I’m just so grateful that it’s there because it’s given me my life back.”