Watch our Stories of Hope for inspiration from real people.

These are real stories from people like you, who were diagnosed with MS and have chosen to follow the Overcoming MS Program. Watch the videos below to hear about their experiences with their diagnosis and the program, and how they found hope through making informed, evidence-based lifestyle choices. The videos show people like:

  • Linda, the President and Founder of Overcoming MS, who discovered the program in 2003 and started following it immediately.
  • Sue, who was diagnosed in the 80s and has been following the Overcoming MS Program since 2012. She said ‘Overcoming MS has given me a level of confidence which I thought I would never get back’.
  • Anthony, who has been following the program since 2007 and even ran a marathon in aid of Overcoming MS.


Make sure you watch our ‘Imagine Overcoming MS’ video featuring the personal stories of seven people who have followed the Overcoming MS program. This impactful video takes you through their inspiring journeys.



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Keryn's Story of Hope

Dr Keryn Taylor from Australia has been following the OMS program since 2005 and now assists as an...

Jane-Marie's Story of Hope

Jane-Marie from the UK began following the OMS Program in 2013.

Donna's Story of Hope

Donna from the USA felt very lost when she was first diagnosed with MS. She began following OMS in...

Debbie's Story of Hope

Debbie from the UK has been following the OMS program since 2008.

Dave's Story of Hope

Dave from the UK has been following OMS since 2011.

Claire's Story of Hope

Claire from the UK has been following OMS since 2010. Her and her husband Nev are “so happy” that...