Seven Ways To Make Meditation Delicious

October 8, 2018

6 thoughts on ‘Seven Ways To Make Meditation Delicious

  1. Make yourself super comfortable and at ease so you are not “holding on” physically or resisting yourself in any way. We are not meant to be “enduring” in this space – meditation is where we come to heal suffering, not increase it.

    My comment is “not holding on” is such an appropriate phrase. If you can let go of that tension in your body it surely must help to stop the MS process taking over

  2. Yes, I was confused by this part as well. I really miss chocolate but understand that the high saturated fat content is pro-inflammatory. So better to use some OMS complaint food examples. Eating strawberries very mindfully for example 🙂

    Otherwise a nice blog post.

    • Hi,

      Sorry yes that was an oversight on our part. You are correct in saying that chocolate is not OMS compliant and I’ve removed that part of the blig. Eating strawberries mindfully is a great idea instead ????

  3. I have found meditation can be a powerfully active force in my life for greater balance, harmony and effectiveness in daily matters, including anxiety and depression. This includes moving meditation like Tai Chi that gets the whole being involved, not just the mind. I’ve found the Eastern arts offer a healthy alternative to dealing with stress, daily pressures and a way to stay naturally balanced and healthy for higher quality living and healing. I have found some useful tips and techniques from the eastern internal arts here:

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