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Donate for free automatically via AmazonSmile

Did you know that AmazonSmile is the charity arm of Amazon?

It looks the same as Amazon with identical products, prices and services. It’s just a slightly different website address. You can also tell by checking the Amazon logo on the top left hand of the screen. 

The only difference is that when you shop online at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of all your eligible purchases to charity, at no cost to you (or to us). 

Supporters have raised around £1,000 (US$1,400) simply by nominating Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis on their AmazonSmile account.  That would help us produce four Coffee Break podcast episodes, reaching thousands of listeners around the world.

If you use Amazon, it only takes a minute to nominate us as your charity.

  1. Visit smile.amazon.com or smile.amazon.co.uk 

  1. Sign in with the same account you use for Amazon.com 

  1. Select Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis as your chosen charity 

  1. Start shopping.

AmazonSmile on your Amazon app 

If you shop on Amazon using the Amazon app on your smart phone, you need to quickly ensure AmazonSmile is switched on. 

This way you can automatically support Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (whether you have an iPhone or Android mobile phone).  

  1. When you open the Amazon app on your phone, go to the main menu (=).
  2. Tap on Settings. 
  3. Select AmazonSmile.
  4. Select Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis as your charity
  5. Follow the instructions to turn ON AmazonSmile. 

And... you are done! Thank you! You can shop knowing that you are automatically donating to help people with MS worldwide for free via AmazonSmile.

Remember to type smile.amazon.co.uk or smile.amazon.com into your browser to generate free donations with AmazonSmile from any device – laptop, tablet etc. Don’t forget, you can also create a bookmark on your favourites bar to create a shortcut.