Social Media Policy

1. Introduction
Our reputation, around the world, is based on our integrity and independence. Our community needs confidence that we only advocate OMS as a charity, the OMS Recovery Program and related research, as lead by our conflict of interest policy. This must extend to our online presence, including all social media communications, hence the need for a Social Media Policy.

2. Why we use social media

  1. To spread awareness of Overcoming MS, the OMS Recovery Program and how people with MS can benefit from positive lifestyle changes.
  2. To communicate news, research, inspirational stories and blog posts with those following OMS on social media platforms.
  3. To promote fundraising events and efforts.
  4. To appeal to our social media communities to get involved with fundraising or donations.

3. Why we need a social media policy

  1. To protect the independence & integrity of the OMS community.
  2. To, as far as possible, ensure that any online conversation initiated by OMS is appropriate, relevant and informative to our audience.
  3. To ensure that the OMS social media accounts are not used in any manner or seen to be involved in any activity that could bring the charity into disrepute.
  4. To ensure that all communications are deemed to be on-brand and relevant to the work of OMS as a charity.
  5. To protect the privacy of the individuals within the OMS community.

4. OMS social media policy

  1. We reserves the right to refuse to use the OMS social media channels to post about, promote, engage with or comment on any subject that is not directly relevant or related to the charity and its work.
  2. We will only post content that is deemed to be relevant to OMS as a charity, the OMS Recovery Program or the MS community.
  3. While we do encourage the OMS community to provide us with news and other content to share on social media, we reserve the right to select what content is used.
  4. We will strive not to post, share, tweet or retweet anything that is deemed inappropriate, offensive or constitutes spam.
  5. We will only use our social media accounts to promote the work of other charitable organizations when said organisations are deemed to have the same stance as OMS or when OMS is involved in a partnership with another not-for-profit organisation.
  6. We will not mention any individual in our online communication without their direct consent.

5. Policy scope

This policy applies to all staff, contractors, volunteers and partners posting on behalf of OMS as well as any member of the public who engages with the OMS brand on social media sites. Social media sites and services including, but not limited to:

  1. Popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  2. Photographic social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram
  3. Videographic social networks such as YouTube
  4. Professional social networks such as LinkedIn

6. Policy enforcement

  1. OMS reserves the right to monitor how our social media sites are used, including examining any comments, posts and or tags.
  2. Any such examinations or monitoring will only be carried out by authorized staff.
  3. Any individual found to be in breach of this policy will be banned from interacting with us on social media.