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The OMS program is a powerful tool for anyone who lives with a diagnosis of MS. Each element in the OMS program combines to support both our physical and mental health, based on clear, practical actions. By adopting the OMS program, we are following robust evidence of the benefits of holistic self-care for people with MS. 

At the heart of the OMS program is the conviction that each of us can take an active role in managing our health. This is a powerful idea and when we put it into practice we feel more in control. In turn, this process of taking control - or empowerment - is good for our health. Health researchers call this idea 'self-activation' and have shown that it is associated with improved health experiences and outcomes. 

Our goal is that people living with MS not only understand the benefits of the OMS program, but also have the confidence to talk about its importance in their lives - whether to family, friends or healthcare professionals. Telling our stories is also empowering and, as an organisation, OMS is committed to listening to the diverse experiences within our community. 

We believe that together we can influence more people with MS and their healthcare professionals to understand the benefits of self-care and to adopt the OMS program.

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