Associate Professor Tracey Weiland

Clinical Psychologist and Principal Research Fellow.

BBSc(Hons), MPsych(Health), PhD, MAPS, FCCLP, FASLM

Tracye Weiland

Tracey is a Clinical Psychologist and Principal Research Fellow. Her research interests are lifestyle modification in MS and how people adjust to, accept, and even thrive in the context of a chronic condition.

Tracey’s research career spans 19 years. She has produced over 150 research publications. She lives in Melbourne, Australia and splits her time working with OMS research team, and as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. Her interests are mind-body medicine, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and behaviour change methodologies. She enjoys spending time on her hobby farm with her family and two Border Collies, as well as creating oil and watercolour paintings.

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