Dowshan Humzah


Dowshan Humzah

Dowshan Humzah has a multi-faceted career with a portfolio of non-executive, advisory and consultancy roles. He’s held senior director roles with RSA Insurance and Virgin Media, starting his career in brand management with Procter & Gamble and then moving into product management with Orange. He has also held director roles in 4 digital and technology ventures covering: online car retail, TV broadcast, visual effects production and social media.

Dowshan is currently a Director and Council Member at Gresham College. He is a former Trustee of the MS Society and former Non-Executive Director (NED) of Intermezzo Studios. He serves on the Advisory Boards of The Ramadan Tent Project and The Amos Bursary and chairs the UK Advisory Board of Board Apprentice Global (having previously been a NED there).

Dowshan believes not in what technology could do, but how it ought to serve people. As a result, the digital innovations that he is known for have been driven by a holistic approach that uses customer insight, behavioural science and scenario planning to assess business opportunity and then implementing technology enablers.

He continues to be driven by two of his principles from his early life: to ‘be curious, explore and learn new things’; and to ‘succeed, serve and share’. His early years and personal journey have shaped his passion for championing difference and ensuring access to opportunity for those who are underestimated, underrepresented and underserved.

Dowshan was drawn to Overcoming MS because of its emphasis on putting people with MS at the heart of everything the charity does. He also recognises the potential to work alongside clinicians in providing simple, practical ways for people with MS to take control, be more hopeful and optimistic of a better life with their MS.

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