Grazina Berry

Chief Executive Officer

Grazina Headshot

Grazina Berry joined Overcoming MS in July 2020 as CEO. She has had an extensive career, as a senior and board executive, in the public and not-for-profit sectors.   

She was previously CEO of The Aplastic Anaemia Trust (dedicated to research and support for those living with rare bone marrow failures) and held leadership roles at the Richmond Fellowship, a mental health and substance use services provider in the UK.  

Grazina is passionate, driven and committed to making a positive difference to the lives of all communities and helping OMS achieve its goal to reach everyone diagnosed with MS around the world. She is looking forward to leading OMS, through organisational strategy, using data and digital technology and crucially via close collaboration with people who live with MS, their support networks, the medical community and experts in the MS field. A powerful motivating force behind Grazina’s drive to raise the profile of our charity is a close family member who lives with MS. Grazina lives in Cambridgeshire, in England, and speaks Lithuanian, English, German and Russian. 

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