Top 15 OMS Stories from 2017

December 5, 2017

This year has been a fantastic one for Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis and, over the last twelve months, we have been able to share plenty of heartfelt blog posts, exciting news articles and all the latest research. We have created a selection of our most popular stories – here are the top 15 you should check out before 2017 draws to a close!

15. From nurse to patient: my MS story

“Behind my smiles, I was angry… Not at the disease. Nor at myself for being in denial about being sick for so long. Not at the medication for being unpleasant and possibly ineffective. I was angry at being told (like so many MSers before me who heard the same from their physicians), ‘You do not have multiple sclerosis.’”

Read Kristi’s full blog here

14. Flaxseed oil associated with a 40% lower risk of developing MS

New world-class research from Norway and Harvard University published in early 2017 has added compelling evidence to the argument for flaxseed oil supplementation.

Read the full article here



Multiple Sclerosis-friendly recipes, Chocolate Brownies13. Chocolate brownie recipe

Chocolate brownies are an all-time favorite in households across the world. Create a deliciously chocolatey, OMS-friendly alternative by following this simple recipe.

See the recipe here


Dr Sam Gartland on OMS12. Doctors back OMS Recovery Program

Watch this news feature from ABC Australia where Dr Sam Gartland and Dr Ginny Billson, who both have MS themselves, testify to the benefits of the OMS Recovery Program.

Watch the full news story here


Alison Potts - Affirmation Meditation-300x30011. 15 minute affirmation meditation

We all have days where we are hard on ourselves or when we compare ourselves to others. This 15 minute long Affirmation Meditation by Innate Being is a good one when you need a reminder to be proud of yourself.

Play full meditation


10. The beginner’s guide to OMS

The Beginner’s Guide to Overcoming MS is a presentation given by Dr Jonathan White at the AMEX 2017: 7 Steps to Overcoming MS Event held in Brighton, UK on the 22nd of October 2017 and is designed to give an overview of each of the 7 steps that form the OMS Recovery Program.

Watch the full presentation here


9. Is OMS helpful in progressive forms of MS?

Many people believe that the OMS Recovery Program is only for those with relapse-remitting MS. Professor George Jelinek explains whether or not the program is beneficial to people with more progressive forms of MS.

Read the full blog here


simonnesimpson8. My journey of healing and staying healthy with MS

A major relapse left Simonne at rock bottom, unable to walk, talk or eat solid foods. She writes about the difficulties she faced and how adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle enabled her to regain her strength and wellness.

Read her full blog here


MS-friendly recipes, Eggplant mushroom Lasagna7. Eggplant and mushroom lasagna recipe

This delicious eggplant and mushroom lasagna is a firm favorite among OMSers and works brilliantly as a same day or a make-ahead meal.

See the full recipe here



6. Disease-modifying drugs not effective in those older than 53

New research reveals that the efficacy of disease-modifying drugs for treating MS decreases as you age.

Read the full story here



alison potts5. The words that changed my struggle with MS

Alison writes about being diagnosed with MS just before Christmas and how a few words changed the way she viewed her MS completely.

Read her full blog here



Cat back exercise - thumbnail4. Strength, stability and mobility core exercises for people with MS

Exercise is important for everyone but particularly so if you are living with MS. A personal trainer and exercise therapist who specializes in training people with MS shares some exercises for better strength, stability and mobility.

Read the full story here


George Keryn Sam Jonathan 300x3003. World first: four doctors to present OMS retreat

For the first time ever, an OMS retreat will be facilitated by four doctors, each of whom are themselves recovering from MS.

Read the full story here



meditation2. 10 minute full stop guided meditation

This guided meditation is designed to help you take time out from what you are doing to reconnect with your body.

Listen to the meditation here



myelin sheath ms1. First drug shown to promote remyelination

In a major breakthrough, researchers have found definite evidence of remyelination after taking the drug clemastine and observed that the improvement persisted even once participants stopped taking the drug.

Read the full article here


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