30 Minute Yoga Sequence To Improve Stability

April 6, 2018

Yoga can be a fantastic, low-impact exercise for people with multiple sclerosis. Its relaxed nature allows us to unwind both physically and mentally at our own pace. It is particularly beneficial for people who want to exercise but prefer a less intense approach than an outside run or a gym session.

Véronique Gauthier-Simmons has practiced yoga for almost two decades to help with her relapsing-remitting MS. She was also a presenter at the 7 Steps To Overcoming MS event at the AMEX Stadium in Brighton in October 2017.

In her two-part video below she shows how yoga can help improve stability and relax the mind. All you need before starting is a blanket, a quiet space and half an hour of your day.

You can read more about Véronique on her Overcoming MS page here

4 thoughts on ‘30 Minute Yoga Sequence To Improve Stability

  1. Nice sequence I can definitely say that it has helped me too it’s what I practice myself. I am a yoga teacher and I was diagnosed with MS last year. Thankfully to my yoga practice I can manage it.

  2. Thanks very much for this, I’m a complete beginner at yoga and it’s nice to try something that’s specific to ms and stability. I work daily and am reasonably fit….at least I think I am until I try yoga! I’ve got a long way to go clearly but this half hour seems a great start…

  3. Thanks for posting this. I can manage some of the exercises, but not all due to mobility restrictions. Would be good to get some more exercises on the site for people with limited mobility.

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