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Our Program

Living well with MS is possible through lifestyle changes. Learn about the Overcoming MS Program and changes you can make.

The Overcoming MS Program

New to Overcoming MS? Visit our quick guide to getting started.

Overcoming MS offers a complete wellbeing programme helping you to live your best life with MS. Everyone overcomes MS in their own way which might include mental and/or physical benefits – find what’s right for you. Read on to find about the seven pillars that make the Program.

Overcoming MS is a charity providing you with a full range of support, including tips, expert-led information and a community to help you make the changes to live well with MS.

Overcoming MS Program overview

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Diet and vitamin D

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Physical activity

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Stress management

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Family health

Change your life for life

1: Diet

Why is diet important?

Following a healthy diet is important in improving symptoms of multiple sclerosis and improving your quality of life. Research shows that saturated fats and dairy are particularly harmful for people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Switching to a plant-based, wholefood diet that is rich in omega-3 while excluding dairy and minimizing saturated fat intake is critical in recovering from your symptoms and living a long, healthy life.

What should I eat?

  •  Fruit & vegetables, Wholegrains, Nuts & seeds,
  • Fish & seafood, Flaxseed oil, Extra virgin olive oil.
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2: Vitamin D

People with MS have lower levels of vitamin D, and vitamin D levels are lower during MS relapses. Ensuring you  have enough vitamin D is particularly important during winter months in countries away from the equator.

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3: Physical activity

Exercise and physical activity are important for people with MS. Find out why and discover physical activities for all levels. The Overcoming MS Program recommends you aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

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4: Stress management and meditation

Managing stress is an important part of living with MS and meditation can help you. Chronic stress and the inflammatory response it causes in the body can worsen the symptoms and progression of MS.

A surge in scientific research over the last decade has shown that regular mindfulness and meditation may also help with symptoms of depression and pain, and boost compassion and happiness. Evidence also shows that the more you meditate and manage your stress levels in other ways, the greater the benefit. We recommend aiming for at least 30 minutes of stress management a day.

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5: Medication

Following the advice of your healthcare professionals is key to ensuring you live well with MS. Find out more.

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6: Family health

There is a genetic element to MS, which means that children, siblings and other relatives of people with MS are at a slightly greater risk of developing it, too. You can therefore help protect family members by ensuring that they follow the pillars of the Overcoming MS Program, like managing stress, keeping active, getting enough vitamin D and eating well.

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7: Change your life, for life

The Overcoming MS Program is a permanent change of lifestyle. Discover our habit planners and goal trackers to help you get started. Remember: it’s never too late to start the Program and we have a supportive, global community ready to help you.