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Watch our past webinars to learn more about the OMS Program and how it can help you.

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Watch our webinars and find inspiration about living a full and healthy life with MS and following the Overcoming MS Program.

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Breathwork for people living with MS

Join Veronique Gauthier-Simmons for a webinar session focusing on breathwork for people living with...

OMS Live Cook-Along with Rachel Detroit

Join Rachel Detroit for a cook-along making OMS-friendly burgers and mac and cheese.

Mindfulness and Meditation with OMS

Join Phil Startin for this excellent session

Easy OMS and family-friendly foods

Join Sam Josephs for a webinar session focusing on how to incorporate easy, family-friendly OMS...

Ask Aaron - your opportunity to speak to a Neurologist about Living Well with MS webinar

Neurologist, Dr Aaron Boster, answers community questions about living well with MS.

OMS Handbook: Roadmap to Good Health webinar

Professor George Jelinek, Dr Jonathan White and Dr Phil Startin discuss the Overcoming MS Handbook.