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George Jelinek
28 March 2024

The Jelinek Journals: A journey of hope and health 25 years on

The Jelinek Journals: Your Chance to get Exclusive Access

Today, 70-year-old Professor George Jelinek is a picture of health. Yet 25 years ago, he received a life-changing diagnosis: multiple sclerosis (MS). The potential severity of this condition was underscored by his mother’s suicide, a result of her struggles with her own MS symptoms. 

In the early years following his diagnosis, Professor Jelinek turned to journaling to record his thoughts and reflections. By carefully documenting his progress, he not only tracked his journey but also found a powerful tool to support his mental well-being.

Now, 25 years on, Professor Jelinek is sharing his journals to help others navigate the challenges of MS and to give his support to the Overcoming MS charity. He wants everyone to realise that whatever challenges they experience, there is still hope.


How do I listen to Professor Jelinek’s journals?

To be inspired, we invite you to listen to Professor Jelinek reading from his journals, a testament to the enduring power of hope. On Monday 15th April we will be releasing the first episode from his series of journal recordings.

To get exclusive access, click here to get tickets on Eventbrite where you can give an optional donation to get access to the journal recordings, which you can listen to at any time once you’ve got your Eventbrite ticket.

George's journal

The initial journal used by George Jelinek

A quote from inside George's journal

A quote from inside George’s journal

The Background: Creating the Overcoming MS Program

Undeterred by his diagnosis and motivated by seeing his mother’s health decline, Professor Jelinek embarked on a mission to complete an exhaustive review of the vast scientific research on MS. By consolidating the available research, he sought to uncover strategies to maximise his chances of being healthy despite his MS. His efforts provided him with valuable insights into managing the condition, which contributed to his health and that of the broader MS community.

Driven by his newfound understanding and his commitment to defy the odds, Professor Jelinek created the Overcoming MS Program. This program, which he has followed for the past 25 years, aims to maximise people’s chances of living well with MS. He structured the programme around seven lifestyle pillars, including diet, exercise, stress management, and adequate Vitamin D intake, all supplemented by medication as needed.

As a healthcare professional, Professor Jelinek encouraged people to consult with healthcare providers. He championed the integration of these lifestyle changes with conventional medical advice, offering a holistic approach to managing MS.

Supporting people with MS worldwide

Named after Professor Jelinek’s first book, ‘Overcoming MS’ is a charity dedicated to helping people with MS worldwide.  We champion the mental and physical well-being of anyone living with multiple sclerosis as well as those affected by it in other ways, such as friends, family and carers of people living with MS.

We foster a vibrant community, where people affected by MS can connect and share experiences with other like-minded individuals to optimise their health together. This collective journey is fuelled by the understanding that the course of multiple sclerosis can be positively influenced, with some even experiencing remission of specific symptoms, igniting hope and solidarity within the community.

Prof George Jelinek raising a glass

Many profound impacts of the Program are shared through stories from the Overcoming MS community. One individual shared:

“Finding the Overcoming MS Program is like finding hope. This can be life-changing, particularly when struggling with the challenges that follow diagnosis.”

What’s more, as well as benefiting people with MS, the Program’s pillars – diet, exercise, stress management and vitamin D intake – not only support people with MS but also align with universal health guidelines. They serve to prevent other prevalent conditions and position the Overcoming MS Program as providing health for all.

Hear directly from Professor Jelinek about his experiences and journey in the period of time following his MS diagnosis, by listening to the Jelinek Journals, launching on Monday 15th April.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring and moving opportunity to get an insight into Professor Jelinek’s mindset, motivations and drive to live well with MS: Click here to get your ticket by giving an optional donation to support the Overcoming MS charity.

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