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Linda’s Story of Hope

OMS Chair Linda Bloom discovered the OMS program in 2003 and started following it immediately.

“When I was first diagnosed with MS, I very quickly became totally incapacitated. For about three months I was flat out on a couch, couldn’t do anything for myself and had to be cared for 24/7. I was really lucky because I moved in with my sister, who’s a medical doctor, and she looked after me.

“My sister discovered Professor Jelinek’s book and read it to me. The book really made sense because it was all based on evidence and it gave me hope. Here was something that I could actually do to help myself to get better. 

“As soon as I discovered the OMS program I started following the approach, so I changed my diet dramatically, started exercisingtaking vitamin D supplements and meditating.

“Very slowly I started to improve.”