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Aaron Boster

Ask Aaron – Your Opportunity to speak to a Neurologist about Living Well with MS

Welcoming back Dr Aaron Boster, a widely published, board-certified neurologist, giving you the opportunity to ask him your questions about living well with MS.

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Webinar summary:

In this webinar, Overcoming MS community member Regina Beach talks to Dr Aaron Boster, a widely published, board-certified Neurologist, asking him the community’s questions about living well with MS.

Key highlights:

03:21 MS care without disease modifying therapy.

06:26 Managing persistent swelling in feet/low legs for MS patients.

11:44 MS treatment and laboratory analysis.

17:39 MS drug trials and their outcomes.

21:11 MS disease activity and MRI results.

26:04 MS and remyelination.

31:51 New MS treatments and their potential side effects.

34:04 MS treatment and disease progression.

40:43 Women’s health with MS, including menopause and conception.

49:38 MS, lesions and family connections.

1:04:17 Managing MS symptoms through lifestyle changes.

1:17:12 MS treatment options and gut health.

1:30:12 MS management and mental health.

Speaker bios:

Dr Aaron Boster

Dr Aaron Boster is award-winning, widely published, and board-certified neurologist specialising in multiple sclerosis (MS) and related CNS inflammatory disorders. Witnessing his uncle’s diagnosis with MS when he was 12, he and his family came to see a lack of coherence in the way MS was treated at the time. That experience informed Dr Boster’s drive to do things differently.

Dr Boster has been intimately involved in the care of people impacted by MS; he has been a principal investigator in numerous clinical trials, trained multiple MS doctors and nurse practitioners, and has been published extensively in medical journals. He lectures to both patients and providers worldwide with a mission to educate, energise and empower people impacted by MS.

Regina Beach

Regina “Gina” Beach is the producer of the Living Well with MS podcast as well as one of the Ambassadors for the Overcoming MS Circle in Wales. She was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting MS with incomplete remission in 2021 and has been following the Overcoming MS Program ever since.

Gina teaches virtual accessible yoga and meditation and runs retreats in the UK and abroad.

The transcript for this episode will be available soon.

This webinar was recorded on 17th March 2024 as part of our Living Well with MS Webinar Series.

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