Leaflets & Booklets

Overcoming MS: 7 pillars at a glance

This two-page document provides a concise overview of Overcoming MS in just a few minutes.



Your First Steps to Overcoming MS

This handy booklet provides a general overview of the program, and summarizes each of the seven steps.

The Evidence Behind the Overcoming MS Program

This booklet provides a summary of all the key evidence behind the Overcoming MS Program.

Overcoming MS Speaks Your Language

Overcoming MS en Français

Nos livrets d’information gratuits et nos ressources vous aideront à piloter votre voyage Overcoming MS.

Overcoming MS auf Deutsch

Unsere kostenlosen Informationsbroschüren und Ressourcen helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihre Overcoming MS-reise zu steuern.

Overcoming MS in het Nederlands

Onze gratis informatiebrochures en bronnen helpen je Overcoming MS-reis te sturen.

Overcoming MS en Español

Nuestros folletos informativos y recursos gratuitos le ayudarán a guiar su viaje hacia Overcoming MS.

Overcoming MS downloadable planners

Meal planner

Planning your meals for the week can help you shop smarter, get organised and get inspired to try some new recipe

Exercise planner

Building an exercise plan not only helps to motivate you but also ensures that your exercise becomes a habit that you stick to. Download your very own exercise planner today.

Meditation calendar

Daily meditation is highly beneficial for people with MS, as it can positively impact mental health and reduce stress. Our monthly guide gives you 30 guided meditations from the Overcoming MS community that can help you get started, and all of them are available for free online. 

Habit planner

Use our free monthly habits tracker to help you keep an eye on how your habits are going, month by month.

Monthly goal tracker

Visualizing what you want your wins for the month to be can help you actually achieve them. The planner also includes a SMART guide to ensure you make your goals as realistic as possible.