OMS Free Downloads

Download free Overcoming MS brochures and info sheets, straight from our website.

These resources are designed to give you a quick overview of the Overcoming MS 7-Step Recovery Program, and allow you to get started on your journey to wellness in just a few minutes.

These resources are designed for anyone with a connection to MS, but are particularly helpful if:

  • You haven’t read the Overcoming MS book (learn more about the book here)
  • You have ordered the Overcoming MS book but are still waiting for it to arrive
  • You are still busy reading the Overcoming MS book but want to get started on the program immediately
  • You find it challenging navigating all the technical detail in the Overcoming MS book
  • You are a family member, friend, colleague or supporter of someone with MS and need a quick understanding of the program

To download any of our free resources, simply click the ‘Download’ button below the item you’d like. All resources are in PDF format.

*Note: all Overcoming MS resources are for personal use only, and should not be distributed without the consent of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. For more information, please contact us.

Leaflets & Booklets

Overcoming MS: 7 Steps in a Blink… and More!


This two-page document provides a concise overview of Overcoming MS in just a few minutes.

Your First (of 7) Steps to Overcoming MS


This handy booklet provides a general overview of the program, and summarizes each of the seven steps.

The Evidence Behind the 7-Step OMS Recovery Program

evidence behind oms recovery program booklet

This booklet provides a summary of all the key evidence behind the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program.

OMS Speaks Your Language

OMS en Français

OMS en Français

Nos livrets d’information gratuits et nos ressources vous aideront à piloter votre voyage OMS.

OMS in het Nederlands

OMS in het Nederlands

Onze gratis informatiebrochures en bronnen helpen je OMS-reis te sturen.

OMS en Español

OMS en Español

Nuestros folletos informativos y recursos gratuitos le ayudarán a guiar su viaje hacia OMS.

OMS auf Deutsch

OMS auf Deutsch

Unsere kostenlosen Informationsbroschüren und Ressourcen helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihre OMS-Reise zu steuern.

Chef Cards

Chef Card in English

Chef card in English

Chef Card in French

Chef card in French

Chef Card in Polish

Chef card in Polish

Chef Card in Dutch

Chef Card in Dutch

Chef Card in German

Chef card in German