Well, who would have thought? After over a decade and a half of promoting the use of vitamin D3 by people with MS to give them the best chance of recovery, a key paper from researchers at the University of Utah shows us one of the possible mechanisms.

Many of us have been convinced that disruption of the lining (endothelium) of blood vessels allowing leakage from the vessel has been involved in the causation and progression of MS, including the great MS pioneer, Professor Roy Swank. Swank showed in elegant studies that saturated fat after a meal caused disruption of vascular endothelium. He postulated that this was at the heart of MS causation through its effect on destabilising the blood-brain-barrier, breaches of which are now well known to be involved in the development of MS.

In this wonderful study, the US researchers have shown that vitamin D3, the form that we have recommended to be taken in pill form, which is not the final form of vitamin D, in its own right has the effect of stabilizing the vascular endothelium and preventing leakage from blood vessels.

For those of use who have been taking vitamin D3 for many years, while we await official confirmation of its key role in MS development and progression, this is yet more convincing evidence that we have been doing the right thing!