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We are stronger together. We work in partnership with individuals, communities, healthcare professionals and other charities to achieve the most impact for people affected by MS and to give the most value. If you are interested in working in partnership with Overcoming MS to achieve a world in which living a full and healthy life with MS is possible for all, please contact us us at [email protected]

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is an independent charity that looks to transform healthcare and level health inequalities through lifestyle medicine. We believe many chronic diseases can be prevented, managed, and even reversed by properly applied lifestyle medicine principles.

Lifestyle Medicine is evidence-based, clinical care that supports behaviour change through person-centred techniques to improve mental wellbeing, social connection, healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and the minimisation of harmful substances and behaviours. 

We now have more than 1500 members drawn from a range of disciplines including primary and secondary care clinicians, allied and public health professionals, scientists, educators, researchers, and patients.

We are part of the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance, a network of lifestyle medicine societies in countries across the world, and the European Lifestyle Medicine Council.



talkhealth is one of the UK’s leading online health communities, providing interactive support, information and self-management guidance on chronic health conditions and general well-being. Working extensively alongside the NHS to provide evidence-based information and practical support to millions of people each year, it offers direct access to the UK’s leading health professionals and allows people the opportunity to take control of decisions concerning their health and well-being in a positive way.  

Collaborations and partnerships are key to the talkhealth community and are very important to us. By partnering with leading charities, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, as well as the NHS & medical professionals, we are able to develop sustainable health programmes & solutions for our community.

Our mission is to make sure that everyone feels empowered to improve their physical and mental well-being regardless of their disability or illness. We’re all about self-care and self-management. 

To find out more about talkhealth, visit their website here:


Neurological Alliance

The Neurological Alliance is a coalition of more than 80 organisations working together to transform outcomes for the millions of people in England with a neurological condition. We campaign for high quality care and support to meet the individual needs of every person with a neurological condition, at every stage of their life. Our work is shaped by the experiences of people with neurological conditions and aims to address the causes of poor care.

Our vision

All people affected by neurological conditions can access high quality care and support to meet their individual needs, at every stage of their life.

Our mission

To raise awareness and understanding of neurological conditions to ensure that every person diagnosed with a neurological condition has access to high quality, joined up services and information from their first symptoms, throughout their life.

You can find out more about the Neurological Alliance by visiting their website here:


MS Charities Group

Overcoming MS works alongside MS Society, MS Trust, MS-UK, MS Together, NeuroTherapy Network and Shift.MS to identify key issues affecting the MS community, to campaign and to work together to find solutions.

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